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I want to encourage new clans to come playing here by helping them on this matter. How i will do this?
Simple if you come here with your clan (good activity is required 20+ online ), you are required to post your clan participation in this topic:,162.0.html  when you get enough of people online average 15-20 online (if more even better!! ), then you can claim your weekend events SPECIALLY reserved for your clan on private location only for you!

So if you have following requirements:

- NEW clan on Infinite Nightmare x20 ( NO ALT CLANS ALLOWED !!!!!!!!!!!! )
- Activity with average 15-20 players online ( more players required to get better rewords)
- Your clan posted in correct topic (,162.0.html )
- Get familiar with other people from server
+++ BONUS REQUIREMENT +++ with this you can claim top rewords = If any of TOP clans/allys on server guarantees for your clan that you are NEW CLAN for real you can get extra rewords (to do so you must write that persons name in game and his forum name)

If you forth fill those requirements above, you can contact TrackZero via forum PM, write to him a letter about your clan and with required info above , and after your clan is checked and if all fine you will be in a list for special clan event reserved only for you and all rewords will go to you . This event will happen every weekend at the time we agree in private forum messages .
Rewords can go from Raids,Golkondas,Horns,Levels,Skills, and many more , generally it all depends of activity and personal judgment of the GM.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : All the clans who trying to claim this reword will be checked in many ways from IP to others things and believe me that im here loooong time to know stuff, no alt clans nor alt chars allowed , if you try to scam me or exploit this you will be GREATLY BANNED on main chars and on everything that worth. In the end please have some honor and let others to grow strong it will greatly help community and yourself in the end.

Thank you

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