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Title: Planned dates, extra infos! (READ IT!)
Post by: =^Alannah^= on September 21, 2018, 01:40:41 AM
Here is a list about our Planned dates, deadlines:

Grand Opening: 2018 September 21.  18:00 CET (Central Europe Time -> https://time.is/en/CET)
7 Signs registration period: 2018 Sept 24. 18:00:00 to 2018 Oct. 1 18:00:00 (CET)
7 Signs mammon period 2018 October 1.  18:15:00 to 2018 October 8. 18:00:00 (CET)
Olympiad 2018 October 8.   Fight time: 20:00->24:00 (CET) Period of heroes: 2 weeks Hero reward: halved (Noble g. pass)
Gracia Final (CT2.3) upgrade: ETA: early December, Santa might bring it. Depend on many factors, thats why ETA, planned date.

Epic raids:
-Low level epics got boosted to lvl 78, stats are adjusted
-Queen Ant: No restart, PvP zone: You can gather pvp points on this area, no debuff friend zone (clan, ally won't get debuff or aoe dmg)
-Orfen/Core: Level boosted to 78 as Queen Ant, drops are adjusted to A grade (top A weapon parts, recipes really low chance full wep)
-Baium: PvP zone ToI 13, no debuff friend + you can gather pvp points
-Frintezza: PvP zone
-Antharas/Valakas PvP zone
-Zaken: Boosted level to 78, drops are adjusted.

About exact drops, you will see ingame drop-spoil patch with exact % info directly from these files.

You can create characters from now on!! They won't be wiped!!
You can also donate and have your donate coins before grand opening.
Keep in mind during the night nobody will deliver coins.
The characters you create now are ready to play on Live server but GM-Only mode wont let you log in.
Nobody will get further with items or level!! Please ask before spreading false infos
Have a nice evening, success on start!
Title: Re: Planned dates, extra infos! (READ IT!)
Post by: =^Alannah^= on September 21, 2018, 02:24:35 AM
Manual Patch:  Download  (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oylPxj1ZBFlCqjvRt3jMQ1SHH_IIpA67)