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General / Re: move shops
« Last post by LoccDogg on Today at 11:43:19 AM »
Yeah, just make thw central area a shop area, not that nice to try to go through all those shops..
General Discussions / Re: SUGGESTIONS PART 2
« Last post by Righteous on Today at 09:40:09 AM »
About Seed of revange (stacking)
you need AT LAST 100 dmg to activate your stacking
If you know how to play your char and you use proper EQ (not clean dynasty sword) and you target the right targets - 100dmg is nothink

for god sake, make DA and try, stop bullshiting, cause people might think that you know what you talking about. ogkkthxbb
upd. p.s. I really respect your skills playing bd/sk, for other things check upper ;) 
General Discussions / Re: SUGGESTIONS PART 2
« Last post by dimitRis on Today at 07:53:58 AM »
liswka you think to  blink this 2 times is easy? XD if u nerf our blinks whats else left for us? celest for 5 sec? XD
thats only from a cryer like me but check what  kowol/ampera will write under my comment :)
Bug report! / Re: Totems can u make overwrite frenzy and guts plz
« Last post by undertaker22 on Today at 06:06:31 AM »
Was announced like 20 days ago this changes.. so, play or leave server.

are u a tard ,?   i'm talking about making totems overwrite frenzy and guts & visa versa
Bug report! / Re: Totems can u make overwrite frenzy and guts plz
« Last post by MumM on Today at 02:41:10 AM »
Was announced like 20 days ago this changes.. so, play or leave server.
General Discussions / Re: SUGGESTIONS PART 2
« Last post by LujuriaLust on Today at 02:34:56 AM »
On another note. Now related to possible improvement of game. I had noticed that most of the time when a meele chases some char (for instance a mage which normal its slower than a warrior ) with /attack the warrior just follow close but not attack even when its on attack-range. Could it be something related to what happen with Orc-golkonga ( which only can be moved from spot with pole). Maybe you can add some more range to meele attacks or add some item or bonus in MW that allows to add few more points to meele attacks... like 20 or 40 more?. not sure how close a char need to be to attack.
General / Re: Interface issues
« Last post by NunoPitbull on Today at 02:03:26 AM »
Drop by Tassev (Taros) stream. He can share it with you:)
General Discussions / Re: SUGGESTIONS PART 2
« Last post by LujuriaLust on Today at 01:51:17 AM »
Thanks for explanation. I know how they works but re-read starting topic from showstopper. i wont quote it because lazy. Kisses.

EDIT: I mean yes... crucial as resistance to tanks... why would you try to nerf tank... they need to not die,yes?. I could add how unfair is the fast jumping back-forth of kamael are... and we canĀ“t reach them with meele warrior so i ask them to double both blink and warp cooldown to twice reuse so they must learn when to jump. Kisses2.

EDIT2: I mean... since they were maded for non sub stack we could think of double ports skill from kamael trickster/slh its unfair since they instas move way far. Both skill warp/blink could share cooldown as in playing one insta put the other into cooldown as well. Kisses3.

EDIT3. I mean... i dont realy care about kamael unfairness in far/fast distance jump since i only fight them in oly. I could not care less about meele players trying to chase after a char that jumps 500 distance every 5 seconds+900 distance every 6 (both around 3 seconds each with horse buff)seconds. People may say "yes its what is kamael is for" something like "non dying tanks". Besides resistance there are other things like logistic-related skills that need few touches too. But lets keep them on shadow for now since oly players are not QQ for them after they only fight in small closed squares. Kisses4.

EDIT4. Im against any SOF nerf since they works just fine... if you add something like -p/m. def then work Prahnah to give -15% skill pvp.damage.(...)Kisses5.

EDIT5. I mean... prahnah give warrior -20% pvp damage or something like that... why would mages not get something alike?. Its just fair that resist skill are to nerf attack stat if of nerf we talk ofc.

After all the blah blah i propose.

-Blink/warp shares both same cooldown ( playing one put the other in cooldown) or make them static reuse like 10 each ( no refresh bonuses apply on them).
-Pranah also reduces skill p.attack so mages dont get just strong w/o any drop in damage ( warrior loses pvp.damage after all). Or lower their p.def/running speed by 15% while prahnah its ON.
-Kisses6. No more spam for now whole hearthly yours Liswka ;*
Bug report! / Re: how do we get the Hide and shadow step ?
« Last post by Focdat1 on Today at 12:56:23 AM »
one week has passed already what's a week more ? haha
General / Re: donationnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
« Last post by =^TrackZero^= on Today at 12:42:00 AM »
why it takes so long?
i cant donate paypal..
u want the server alive... why dont u open more options; ideal/paysafe etc
We are working on it.

Thank you for supporting.
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