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Tattoos are a custom feature of this server that improve your overall combat performance. They can be bought in Ivory Tower ( teleport Oren->Ivory Tower->Underground shopping area ) Magic Trader Wesley. For starter fighters/orcs i recommend Tattoo of Monk and for Mages Witch. To lvl this tattoos 1-4 you need to lvl crystals to different stages 1-12 depending on the tattoo. To lvl tattoo itself for stage 1-2 at the same NPC in Ivory 2-3, 3-4 at Black marketeer of mammon.

Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum Coins.
This coins usually drop from mobs according to their lvl. You can use this stuff to get gear. To trade them and check out prices go to IGOR in Gludin (Bronze/Silver only) or MAGOR near Heine Warehouse.

Raid Trophy.
This Trinkets as we call them drop from raid bosses. Lesser Trinket (blue) from low RB under 76 i think, Green Trinket from RB 76+. This stuff can be used to buy Dynasty Armors/Weapons ( S grade ) from same NPC Magor. Also DNET cloack that gives + atr defence is available but needs + Donator coins.

Crystal leveling.
Not to waste time stage 10 can be bought from Giran Luxory shop, stage 11 Drops from lucky pigs in Valley of Saints ( teleport from Rune ). Feed the pig until wings disappear (it transforms) then kill it... gear doesn't matter it dies from 1 hit. From stage 11 you already got a guide here:,273964.0.html

Donator Coins.
They are the internal server currency used to trade high end weapons/armors. They can be bought with adena and price fluctuates depending on the adena available on the server and item number.

Potions, the Laboratory.
You get several different potions to help out. Potions for physical defense/attack, magical defense/attack, mana, regeneration (speeds up regeneration of MP and HP but not much... still helping though), combate haste potion that gives speed, attack speed, casting speed. You can craft this potions using different items in Ivory Tower underground shopping area by talking to RALFORD. Combat haste potion i recommend crafting it or keeping for lvl 76+ when you start making some money.

This is all I can think tonight ... 2AM here. If you find anything else that you need explaining or you think it can be added on this Topic pls feel free to pm me and pls don't troll away to help out the new guys.


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