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There are several instance zone on server with different benefits.

Zaken instances can be done by a party of 9 people lvl 80+. The purpose of this instance is to run around the labirinth and try to find zaken. When you do light the candels and it will appear. To check if zaken is in a room use aoe skills like song of symphony, demonic blade dance, debuffs from OL or WC...etc. This instance drops FS lvl 83, lvls crystals and can drob BLESSED EARRING OF ZAKEN (much better than normal zaken)

Freya instance can be done by 2 party in CC, minimum of 10 players. Lvl needed 82+ i think.. can't remember for sure. It lvls crystals, drops mid s84 wepons, forgotten scrolls 83, and necklace of Freya.

Instance accesible from rune (Pathfinde Worker NPC near the bridge). This can drop BEWS/BEAS... strong mobs/rb .. i recomand dyna as minimum gear with full pt (tank,healer,dd,dancer,wc,sws,pp etc) for top lvl.

Chamber of delusion:
It's a new instance similar to rift (but you don't need dimensional fragments). It can lvl crystals 11-14. RB also drops dynasty parts for wep/armor so it can drop the wep/armor too (i didn't get it yet :P).

Dimensional rift:
Just like it was the chronicle until now... i won't spamm about it if need info pm.

You can verify your delai for re-enter in the instance with this command : /instancezone


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