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soulshot spiritshots blessed spirishots


D grade and C grade can buy in grocery store.
all shots below S grade can be trade at gludin (npc Igor near Newbie guide) or heine (npc Magor near warehouse) in windows select "exchange coins for supplies"

all shots below B grade requiert bronze coin, Bgrade requiert Silver coin, Agrade requiert Gold coin
S grade can buy only with private shop

ALL GRADE OF SHOTS CAN BE CRAFTED. Required items: 40 Soul ore + 1 Crystal (of the grade you want craft)

only warsmith can craft shots (you can craft only if  a warsmith make a darwven manufacture shop )

soulshots requiert soul ore and 1 crystal of the grade (D grade requiert 9 soul ore, C grade requiert 30 soul ore,B grade requiert 54 soul ore, A grade requiert 36 soul ore, S grade requiert 40 soul ore)

blessed spiritshot requiert spirit ore and 2 crystal of the grade (D grade requiert 8 spirit ore, C grade requiert 30 spirit ore, B grade requiert 16 spirit ore,  A grade requiert 70 spirit ore, S grade requiert 50 spirit ore)

remember before buy something look the price at npc and private shop


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