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LSG's New Player Guide. (With Pictures)

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Welcome new players to Dragon Network! This guide will help you get started here on the server. I would just like to say first that this isn't going to be a leveling guide, this is tips and information about the server and making money as a fresh player to help get started. So with that being said, let's get this started!

You will receive top No Grade gear, which makings leveling to 20 for D Grade easy. As you can see from the picture above I'm showing you a item you start with, Honey Wheat Cakes restores your vitality to full. I suggest you save these for leveling from 80+, once you get into Dragon Valley parties and LoA parties the XP bonus helps a lot.

Hopefully this helps you guys and gives you the information you need to have a good start on the server. If you have any questions or maybe information you would like to add please post them and I will update my guide. Good luck and enjoy your stay at Dragon Network!

I appreciate rec's so I know if this was good or not, thanks!

Want another guide made? I will take suggestions!

GG my clannie, im proud of ya !  ::)

Nice post. GG

GJ !  ;D

Nice work :D
if you can manage to fix the cutted out descriptions from the images, i will sticky this :)


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