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This topic is a guide about our D-NET "SUBSTUCK" SYSTEM.

QUESTION 1: what is dnet substuck system ?
ANSWER: it is a system which allows you to play 2 classes of one race combined in 1 character.

QUESTION 2: what i need to do subclass ?
ANSWER: you need to get a "Golkonda's Horn" its an item dropped by Longhorn Golkonda and his family arround the world of Lineage 2.

QUESTION 3: can i change/switch between my mainclass and my subbed class ?
ANSWER: yes you can switch between them, the option to switch is very precious in case you want to choose your another class for being Hero on it means you can choose between your two classes on which you want to be a Hero just meet Astral to switch.

QUESTION 4: where is Longhorn Golkonda's "Family" ?
Answer: you can find one in Tower of Insolence Floor 11, there are 4 another places in the world, near Elven Village, near Orc Village, near Heine and Anghel Waterfall.

QUESTION 5: how to make subclass ?
ANSWER: take a look on the screenshots below and you will understand it.

if you reached level 78 you can search for "Astral" in Giran Castle Town

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