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Balder and future plans
« on: February 27, 2018, 01:47:52 PM »
Balder will be closed by 1 of March. There's nothing to overrate and over-talk about it. As it seems, we decided to not pay from pocket it's bills, nor interest in it anymore (neither in others prespective). I don't come with anything bad news, beside this. We would like to open anything in future, but there's nothing exact right in this moment. Balder section will be moved and a clean section will replace it with a General topic in it, where you can discuss stuffs and we will listen community about it.
Rough thoughts came onto my mind are ..

-I don't think we open a server in spring/summer now.
-Extreme customs and chronicles such as Hellbound are out of DN.
-Most likely it will be Sub-stack
-Hard to say even nearly eta of anything but expect a autumn/winter project
-I personally got some ideas which will be implemented (communication between staff-community)
-We will have big time to be well prepared for opening
-Active freelancers with good online time are welcome to apply for gm position from now on.. look for me in forum pm for now.

I don't have anything more on my mind now, there's a lot of time until anything gets closer to have something.
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