Author Topic: New Year, Expectations, Future  (Read 924 times)


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New Year, Expectations, Future
« on: January 01, 2019, 02:40:49 PM »
First of all:

On this New Year, may you change your direction and not dates, change your commitments and not the Calendar, change your attitude and not the actions, and bring about a change in your faith, your force and your focus and not the fruit. May you live up to the promises you have made and may you create for you and your loved ones the most Happy New Year ever.

On other hand:

Last few years were not 100% perfect or as expected, regarding gameplay - criticism. I do believe even like this most of you have had joy playing, reviving DN Sub as it is or with some newly adapted form. I'm sorry who get disappointed by any of our services, I'm happy who stick with us no matter what the situation brings. (No worries, we paid server bills, nothing is disappearing in thin air)
We are running Gracia PTS on development machine for a period of time now, however understand that hard coding is STILL in Drake's hand, due to holidays you can't expect him to work, especially spend time on HOBBY. SOON remains our trademark "sadly" , a bit of irony here. Anyhow uhm..
thinking of it, we wouldnt throw money out of window, so sooner or later GF update will occur. There's no trashtalk in here, some things I can't do and Drake is needed in there simple as that. If im not here, you wouldn't even seen Hellraiser or any projects after. This project I personally put tons of work by my side which almost caused IRL problems (relationship), I got a baby meanwhile and things had to be prioritized. If everything goes OK, I'll still be serving here as GM.
I want the update so we will do it.


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