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Dragon x15 GAME rules 2019
« on: January 08, 2019, 03:27:50 PM »
In Game Rules

A) 3rd Party software and related rules:

Using any kind of 3rd party software its illegal (l2w, l2tower etc etc) or any kind of Terrain Exploit.

Punishment: from 6000 mins to 60000 mins jail ( Gms Choise ) + All items farmed ( blessed scrolls, scrolls, Lifestones, Attribute Stones) will be deleted in chars.

After being caught  xxx time farming in l2w/tower or any other program  you will lost too from 50 to 200 dc depending of gm choise

If you are Cached xxx time Main Gm Showstopper can dedice  for Permanent ban after  LAST Public Warning !

B) Strictly Forbidden:

- Advertise other servers or sites in game, trying to scam players is strictly forbidden.

- Impersonate server Administration/GMs or act on behalf of server Administration/GMs ( permanent ban )

- Messing with servers packets

- Selling items or characters for real money in-game, on forums or in any other way is forbidden

Punishment: Permanent ban

C) Dual Box and related rules:

Outside town (for pvp/exp) you can have 1 <MAIN> and 2 <SUPPORT> (*So it means 1 IP = 3 chars outside town)

Outside town (for raid boss) you can have 1 <MAIN> and 1 <SUPPORT> (*So it means 1 IP = 2 chars outside town)

Toi Area and Imperial Tomb area you can have 1 <MAIN> and 1 <SUPPORT> (*So it means 1 IP = 2 chars)

Chars in town used for give buffs will count as support.

In colisseum u can use 4 chars.

Punishment : 10000 mins  Jail

D) Territory War Rules

You can't move more wards back inside castle with alt Clan

You can move and cast wards only inside Siege Castle Zone and in Catapult Fortress (is just 1 for each castle)

Is forbidden move the wards in hidden place ( water , mountains etc )You can move in those place only if is in the way for go in main fortress

Punishment : 10000 mins jail

E) Various Rules

Hero shout will be used only for normal conversation ( on ENGLISH language only!!!) , insults toward staff , insults , spam/flood , or any other insults toward others will be sanctioned.

Punishment: from 1h chat ban to 48h ban

Any kind of opening scam shops is illegal (* double check what you wrote in title of the shop before putting them)Any other was of scamming other players or attempting to scam via pm/trade/... is illegal

Punishment: 300h up to permanent ban!

Do not use RACIAL insults, Family insult.

Punishment : 24h to 60h ban

Heal Epics is Totaly Forbidden ( any raids give raid boss jawels )

Punishment go from 100 to 300h if u repeated

Respect other players, Administration and GMs

Punishment : Gm Choise

Always use common sense. A GM or Supervisor can anytime judge you even with rules that aren't listed.
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