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fix bug help
« on: April 06, 2020, 12:17:45 PM »
dear glasy, 1st of all i didnt say any wrong against you, but sometimes have to, but you dont. you swear on topic. not matter, you are gm, you cannnot be punished.

you say something about "This bug is caused from the patch that u use !"

you say something about "You really think i am all time on pc to dc u every second all day ? really? i think u have some problem !"

answer is: No, you do it only on sieges.

well, i cannot find a cleaner version than

so if able, i wanna ask your big heart to share with us Your client, bcuz everyone wanna witch not gets dc by dc on sieges, not gets misterius bugs, like Triistan, Ropee or many else. I'm just wondering, why this things not happens on weekdays, only on tw and sieges, expecially on yours. I had no dc at goddard. So strenght, maybe luck or you were offline or your eyes was one someone else.

I would like to ask for Fix this bug on Ropee.

U allways, now and at the past told, aod uses programs any etc. U told it, when I was with you, and now too. Look, we cannot even log 2 char on tw/siege w/o ban or jail. Why u think, do we use any, if you ban instantly? U banned for 1+1 boxes. Its ok. But you forget about O1's or Slavio's or even yourself, if You use multiple chars. We know, banhammer is on your hand, that's why server never uprise again to top ones, bcuz cl and gm at same time I know its hard and you cant be fair to yourself and server side at same time. Its ok. You are without balance.
-offtopic end-

Thanks your work and help.
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Abashed the devil stood...
Abashed the devil stood...
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