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Forum Rules (YRR)

Forum Rules (YRR)

Started by FrozenAce, September 15, 2008, 11:07:42 PM

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Please, read the YRR (Your Respected Rules !)   

~ Do not post any Disturbing or Offensive links, pictures etc...

~ Use the English language without hard insults or flames, using the corresponding section.

~ Try to calm your spam spirit.

~ Respect Dragon Network's staff and others players.

~ Do not forget to share your good feelings about the game, or anything else, this forum exists for that.

~ After 2 warnings, if I judge necessary to remove, move or close a topic, or temp ban someone, I will.

~ Those rules can change without any warning.

Have fun with us    ;)

With the Euro 2008, we got some problems of behavior on the forum,

So this is a WARNING, players who will be reported or who will post bad comments will be temporary banned from the Forum. And if it's not enough to calm you, you will receive a punishement IN GAME (temporary ban too).

So keep speaking with calm, we are ALL civilized, respect each others and enjoy your passion with all.

Thank you.

*Thank you Cryme for the text*