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Changelog / Updates NOT_VALID_TO_BE_UPDATED

Started by Alannah, November 08, 2020, 08:27:11 PM

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Since this has been requested alot, we've decided to show the spoilers some love. We're also adding two familiar skills that will only be available on 3rd stage.



  • NEW SKILL - Festive Sweeper:
    When used on nearby corpses that are in a Spoil state, extra items may be obtained.

    • lvl 1 (40) - Maximum number of targets swept is 5
    • lvl 2 (62) - Maximum number of targets swept is 7
    • lvl 3 (76) - Maximum number of targets swept is 10

StormScreamer (3rd Stage)

  • NEW SKILL - Empowering Echo (79):
    For 20 minutes, increases the user's magic MP consumption by 35% and M. Atk. by 25%.

DoomCryer (3rd Stage)

  • NEW SKILL - Chant of Protection (79):
    For 20 minutes, decreases Critical Damage received by a party member by 30%.



In the next couple of says, the OBT server may experience some restarts as we are working on the epic bosses to be able to give you good news about them. We would also like to inform you that we'll be adding an autoloot option via Vote shop, but more on that soon.


  • Festive Sweeper:
    Fixed cooldown of the skill to 10 secs on all 3 levels.
  • Battle Whisper/Defense Motion:
    Increased the buff time of both skills to 3 minutes to match the buff time of the dances/songs Combos.

To try to compensate for the lack of mental resists and cleanse on the 1st stage, we're reducing the time that the debuff lasts for the following two skills which we believe are the ones that have the least counterplay.

  • Trance: Lasts 15 10 seconds.

  • Seal of Suspension: Lasts 120 60 seconds.


  • Beta NPC not giving dances/songs Combos. Fixed
  • Some acessories and recipes from DN packs of mats/shots were worth adena when sold to NPCs. Fixed

Please don't forget to do Fullcheck!



We are almost 24 hours away from launch so we are just tweaking the last few details. This rates were already implemented on beta for a few time as we wanted to make sure they were properly set.

Global Quest Rates

  • Exp/Sp: x5
  • Adena: x2 (amount)
  • Drop Amount: x1 (except the ones listed below)

Boosted Quests - Drop amount x2

  • Seductive Whispers - available on all stages
  • Supplier of Reagents - available on all stages
  • An Ice Merchant's Dream - available on all stages
  • A Game of Cards - available on stage 2 and 3
  • Delicious Top Choice Meat - available on stage 2 and 3
  • Seeker of the Holy Grail - available on stage 2 and 3
  • Guardians of the Holy Grail - available on stage 2 and 3
  • The Zero Hour - available on stage 2 and 3
  • Clean up the Swamp of Screams - available on stage 2 and 3
  • Hunt The G.Ram Mercenary Force - available on stage 2 and 3
  • Legacy of Insolence - available on stage 2 and 3
  • Exploration of Giants Cave (part 1 and 2) - available on stage 2 and 3
  • The Finest Food - available only on stage 3
  • The Relics of the Old Empire - available only on stage 3
  • Gather the Flames - available only on stage 3
  • Alliance with Ketra/Varka - available only on stage 3
  • Shrine of Loyalty (3rd class quest) - available only on stage 3



As our OBT is closing, we're implementing the Newbie Buffer ( settings that will be on our live server. This is means new and improved buffs compared to the usual newbie guide and it will be available for everyone until lvl 52.

[Buff List]

  • Acumen - lvl 3
  • Clarity - lvl 1
  • Blessed Body - lvl 4
  • Blessed Soul - lvl 4
  • Concentration - lvl 6
  • Empower - lvl 3
  • Haste - lvl 2
  • Vampiric Rage - lvl 3
  • Wind Walk - lvl 2
  • Berserker Spirit - lvl 2
  • Might - lvl 3
  • Focus - lvl 3
  • Death Whisper - lvl 3

Adicionally, there is an item that you can buy (with donator coins) that will allow you to keep using the Newbie Buffer ( past lvl 52 (without any level restriction):

  • Buff Card - 75 Donator Coins

For future Stages, the buff list from Newbie Buffer ( will be scaling with the levels of the available buffs and possibly the addition of new ones.



To provide an option of slightly easier early levels, we are adding an NPC ( at every starting location that will be providing a pack of useful items in exchange for Donator Coins.

[Starter Pack - 50 Donator Coins]

  • x3000 Soulshots: No grade for Begginers
  • x1500 Spiritshots: No grade for Begginers
  • x1 Weapon Coupon - Can be exchanged for a top no grade weapon on the same NPC (
  • x1 Armor Coupon - Can be exchanged for a top no grade set on the same NPC (
  • x1 Blue Diamond Necklace
  • x2 Coral Earring
  • x2 Blue Coral Ring
  • x50 Healing Potions
  • x1 Box: Rune of Exp/Sp 7-days

    • Rune of Exp/Sp (30%) 7-days

Hopefuly this will make most of you happy and we hope to see you ingame at 19:00 GMT+2.



Updates 2020-12-04

There is a planned reboot by Saturday ~midnight time~ to fix up some issues. ETA of reboot: 6-7hours from now.
What exactly update contains: to be announced.
[url=] Support [/url]


Auto SP Boost Event will start this weekend, the event will last for 2 days (Sat/Sun) and will boost SP rates by 30%.
[url=] Support [/url]


Changelog 2020-12-06

We pushed some client side updates today, so Please Do a FULL-CHECK!

Donny has been updated, some new accessories are available:

*More accessories will be available

Fixed clientside Bow of Peril - Focus:
[url=] Support [/url]



-Server will be rebooted for applying some updates.
-Fix Archon Suscepter raid boss respawn
-Added DN Antibuff toggle (Require full-check on client)
-Shadow Step adjustment (range boost)

On the next update we will introduce compensation for Dagger classes as Hide skill is incompatible with client:
- Break Duress Lv1. - Increases your speed for 5 seconds, removes debuffs such as: Silence, Doom, Root (physical, magical), Bleed.

Sleep, Anchor, Shock, Paralyze type of debuffs are not removed.
[url=] Support [/url]


-Added few more accessories to Donny. Require full-check.
[url=] Support [/url]


Changelog 2020.12.15

  • Fixed summons heal/recharge mechanic. No more required a target to use pet heal skills.
  • Newbie buffer upgraded, now you and your summon gets the same buff from newbie buffer.
  • Fixed Summons / Pets have invisible buff icons. This will require a full-check later tonight. I'll announce once it's ready and live.

These changes are active and working, tested.

Upcoming fixes

  • Epics respawn got upgraded. New random timer has been added to epics. Once spawn window of epic start, nearby area turn into battle_field (pvp zone), everything announced, epic die -> pvp zone goes off after X minutes.
  • Christmas Event - Reworked v2* More details soon
[url=] Support [/url]


Planned restart will be today.

Changes will surely contain:

-Improved buff-system
rest will be listed
[url=] Support [/url]