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Started by Sandoz, November 16, 2020, 09:55:32 PM

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Hello again everyone!
We have been listening to your suggestions regarding how we're advertising our new server and we are happy to show you the begginings of our work in this matter. As of today, our website ( is now giving the information needed about our new project.

We are also happy to announce that you can start voting for the server and start earning rewards (to use on live server) by following this simple guide:

  • Login into your account (using the server website (
  • Open voting site (only hopzone active as of right now) and vote for the server
  • After you vote, click on CLAIM POINTS and you will be rewarded with Vote coins, which you will be able to send to your character when the live server opens in exchange for good rewards (described below)


  • Buff Scrolls:

    • Scroll of Guidance - 1 vc
    • Scroll of Death Whisper - 1 vc
    • Scroll of Focus - 1 vc
    • Scroll of Acumen - 1 vc
    • Scroll of Haste - 1 vc
    • Scroll of Agility - 1 vc
    • Scroll of Empower - 1 vc
    • Scroll of Might - 1 vc
    • Scroll of Wind Walk - 1 vc
    • Scroll of Shield - 1 vc
    • Scroll of Mana Regeneration - 1 vc
    • Scroll Bundle (Fighter) - 5 vc
    • Scroll Bundle (Mage) - 3 vc
    • (NEW)** Scroll of Nobless - 3 vc

  • Runes (stackable with donation Rune)

    • Rune of XP 15% (12 hours) - 2 vc
    • Rune of Drop 30% (12 hours) - 2 vc
    • Rune of Spoil 30% (12 hours) - 2 vc

** This scroll is working as a nobless buff (to help during Stage 1). Once you purchase one, you have 12 hours to use it or it will disappear from your inventory.



It has come to our attention that many of you would like to have autoloot activated on the server. It was never our intention to add this feature but, as so many of you requested it... we had to revisit the idea, and.....

We are happy to announce that another item will be added to our VOTE SHOP:

  • (NEW) Rune of Autoloot (12 hours) - 1 vc

This will not affect the drops of Bosses (those still drop on the floor). Dont forget to Vote everyone!!