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Started by ^Floki^, January 05, 2023, 12:11:01 PM

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Well, some of you may remember me from the Balder retail IL server back in 2017 (Oh how time flies.).

Despite I was enjoying to be the most active GM, due to my graduation and new workplace, I've left the DN team... until now! As of now, I'm working in home office for more than a year now, therefore I will be accessible even in non-prime times again.

Why did I take this opportunity?

Let's be honest, it is a long time since DN had a really successful project. The goal now is simple: Make a great substack server, and restore DN's name by giving our players a unique and memorable experience... And I like challenges!

I wouldn't like to make big promises, all I can say that I am going to do everything possible, and will cooperate with the rest of the staff as well to achieve this goal.

Hope to see many of you in our upcoming project.



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