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Improved Buffs

Started by =^TrackZero^=, October 06, 2021, 02:46:46 PM

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Quote from: SpoilerAngel on January 30, 2023, 08:55:25 PMLol idgaf bro its test char xD I go bang yo mamam wuiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiii

i hope track mute you soon xD
when you read the forum, your eyes bleed...


Track haven't been here for 3 months bro...

Quote from: HerrMayer on January 30, 2023, 09:37:50 PMi hope track mute you soon xD


Where can drop all of this books?



Improve combat (https://droplist.dragon-network.net/item?name=%5Bsb_improve_combat%5D&server_id=2&from_level=0&id=0)
use drop calculator to find it
RobieCuda dwarf
Yotian tyr/wc
BloodReaven pr/bd sleepy