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Advertisement Event!

Advertisement Event!

Started by ^Lewis^, January 15, 2023, 12:20:50 PM

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Advertisement Event

Help us promote the server and get big rewards! All you need to do is spread the word about 
the 'Dragon-Network Tarantula' server on any website, forum or facebook group.

In exchange you will get promotion points for each mentioning.

- One post on a Lineage 2 related forum or Facebook page = 1 promo point
- One DM or Message on Discord = 1 promo point
- One post in your own Facebook feed = 0.5 promo point
- One post in a Russian Facebook/VK group/Forum = 2 promo point

In order to get your promo points, simply send ^ZigZag^ (GM/Moderator)
a screenshot or link to your post here by PM or as a DM on Discord.

The top three participants who earn the most promo points will get the following reward:

1. 450 Donate Coins
2. 300 Donate Coins
3. 150 Donate Coins

Start earning your promo points today and you may be the top three!!!

Premade ad:
Dragon-Network Tarantula - Interlude Substack
Webpage: https://dragon-network.net
Forum: http://forum.dragon-community.net
Opening date: 10th February 2023 18:00 GMT+1

EXP/SP: Dynamic Rates (x30-x4.5)
ADENA: x12-x3
BOOSTED QUESTS: see full list on forum or features page

Substack from Lv40
Newbie buffer up to Lv52
DDoS Protection
No P2W donations
and many more good features find out more on our website and forums