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Started by Demonsfall, September 03, 2007, 06:38:55 PM

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We know there are multiple restarts more then usual and some wierd bugs appearing, it will pass in no time we are just implementing some new things and new system, fixing things here and there but its the only way cause we need server ON to see the errors and so on, sorry for issue but it gonna be fixed!
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In front of NM x30 Staff , i wish Merry Christmas to all Ortodox belivers, God bless you all! I wish you peace and happyness in this day!
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Just to clean some stuffs about some forgotten scrolls so you dont report it as a "bug" :

This 2 FS-s will not be made as official cause of obvious advantages by other clases , so here it is:

- Archers will = can be learned only by Ranged clases (archers for example)

- Fighters will = can be learned only by Melee clases .
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- Bug with summon should be fixed.
- Bug of crash during siege also (Report if there is new things happening)
- Published a nice FAQ containing the solution to all doubts about ATTRIBUTE SYSTEM  ( http://www.dragon-network.net/CTupdnews/faq_attributesystem.html )
- Focus Death and Focus Power gives slightly less bonus to bows critical damage. (all the melee weapons still retains the full bonus from this skill)
- Critical Chance and Critical Power bonus curve have been slightly reduced after level 3
- Augmented active skills casting time now uses the speed (physical/magical) of the caster. Reuse Time remains fixed.
- Raging Force and Sonic Force reuse have been reduced and OverHit effect have been added. Triple Sonic Slash and Double Sonic - - - Slash reuse have been reduced.
- Duelist Spirit now gives a patk/pvp boost mostly toward duals and less toward other weapons.
- Fortresses now offers teleport service, buff service and advanced attribute stones exchange (any kind) and interesting stone upgrades options.
- The Attribute Master will now offer only basic exchange of attribute stones.
- New siege dates for all fortresses. They now are siegeable during the week. For more info about new siege dates please check the "future" page that the loader will have (atm is still a Work In Progress): New Loader Interface (WIP)
- Active Augmentation now can be used during olympiad. Their casttime and reuse is fixed. Reuse time can be reduced with the appropriate skills.
- Some fixes about skills with elemental enchant. Now the skills propertly retain both old attribute and new attribute for additional damage (example: stunshot+water will now handle both stun resistance and water resistance separately)
- All rush skills and fusion skills have now a better behave. (effect working during the casting)
- Boss Jewels effect of "increase landing rate of certain effects toward a target" have been correctly fixed
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For important reasons, i advise you all DO NOT BUY/SELL any clanhalls in game for the moment, i will announce back when market for clanhalls will work again.

P.S. This is an advise , of course you can do on your own hand what you wish so.
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During the recent events happened on Nightmare x30 , i would like to warn my community about recent most popular hack method and phishing , more info grab it from here:


I strongly suggest you to scan your pcs and to download this FREE software just in case ( http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php ) update and do a full scan.

For all others who are trying to hax me, well some of you will receive a quite nice ban hammer justice.

Thats all for now ill hint you with more updates quite soon.
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- Duelist/Gladiator now can enchant his skills toward elements. (full-check needed !!)
- Some changes on the damage curve of Attribute System. Unlocked up to 180 defense on armor parts (using Elemental Energy Stones, buy-able from Fortresses).
- Mulia NPC available for exchange of Clan Points for Apella and Improved Apella sets.
- Boosted patk bonus from skill Dual Sword Mastery.
- Removed the old balance-boost applied to Dagger Mastery (now is giving the official value, not a % bonus).
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- Berserker/Arbalester fixed all except warp (more fixes incoming)
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- 7 signs event is now same as on Valkyria 9x server , 3,5 days event - 3,5 days mammon
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- Regarding end of the month we are doing last minute promotion with limited time and amount, dont miss it!!!

All informations are available here:

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Here we go! Take a deep breath and buckle your seat belts NM x30 staff wish you a safe journey trough new adventure!

After many gossips you have heard all this months, i can tell you now they are true! After months of preparations,testing and work we can finally say that we entered in final, last stage of it.

As you all suspected in next few days Nightmare x30 & Infinity x5 server will go down (for few days at this point no eta can be given but my hard guess it can happen between 2-4 days) for final merging process. All general things have been setup so no big loss on neither of sides.

You will keep all your Items,clans,allys,quests,skills,enchants and so on. So basically you loose (almost) nothing with this merge.

What you gain with this is 1 nice alive server well well populated with a lot of actions and around 1000+ players who will also bring other players and so on, thats something what gives future to both of servers and there is no doubts in it, especially on later updates of other Chronicles (yes it is in testing/fixing period too < for some long period tbh > ).

About all people who complain for rate and so on, i can tell you only this neither x30 is real neither x5 is real rate that you played all the time, so rate change you will not even feel . New rate will be "x20" as i have been told so far, however "x20" is something you see just by selecting server and other rates will remain same as they were on current NM and INF (yes they were same);[(ex. drop/sp/spoil...)], so dont worry about it at all.

Only people who will complain,"Cry",flood and so on are the ones who are currently controlling economy on both servers making it die day by day, well i have news for you guys if you are true players you will have to fight new situation in order to gain something, no more old boring grinding without fight and so.

Name collision will be handle with a script who checks for some parameters and will give the name to one who example have more time played,older char made,higher level , other guy who will have to change name (he will temporary get a name mixture of numbers and letters) will have to go to a web panel (specially made for this occasion) and change it to desired "FREE" name. With this way we will try balance as much as we can , so you who have planned lvl 1 bot chars - bad news.

- Important NOTICE: After servers are merged once they go up, AUCTIONS for clanhalls will be directly AVAILABLE for bidding. I will announce o forum when server will be opened more or less so you can camp it (example  i will announce server should open 1-2h from this point), this is the only way we can do it, but i repeat again there will be no reselling clan halls or bot clan users so there will be plenty space for everyone.
  > Read LINK under the text for more info.

So this is it only - side of merge process, but if you count what you gain and what you loose its not big deal. Also we compared database of both servers and they are more or less same, there is no GOD items , red icaruses etc... so in general you will all play on same basis. Piccy is the only GM that will be a head gm beside me on Nightmare x30 (Rest gm-s from NM stays too as assistants, no new GM-s will be hired), other things i will work out with piccy and we will slowly announce 1 thing at a time.

So thats all for now folks, when server went down it means we started the process meanwhile enjoy your time and prepare for new era !!!

p.s. If i missed something will add later

~ Track

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- Server is successfully merged and its UP and running.
- All info what have been done will be updated in loader and on homepage.
- Vote banner added on forum and homepage make sure you vote for us 2x at day, thank you.
- Name change panel for [inf] [nm] will be UP quite soon.
- Game server rules will be updated in <24h.

NOTICE: Please help me out and help your server by putting your SHOP in Giran town, THANK YOU!!!

Once again I wish WELCOME to all Infinity players!!!

P.S Expect some up and down we are doing final tests, thanks for understanding.
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