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Title: Olympiad
Post by: =^TrackZero^= on October 06, 2021, 11:53:55 AM
[ Olympiad Changelogs - OBT 11/10/2021 ]

Combo Dances/Songs will no longer be available to use during olympiad fights as they proven to make certain classes too strong. With that in mind we are re-adding the normal Dances/Songs to their respective classes and of course we're not allowing the them to stack with their respective Combo's in open world. The way this will work is:

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Title: Re: Olympiad
Post by: =^TrackZero^= on November 21, 2021, 10:36:24 AM
Like last time, Olympiad Period will be on a 2 week cycle and, as requested by most of the members in our community, we've made some (alot) of changes to how olympiad and hero systems will work listed below

We are adding a few basic buffs for characters that join olympiad, based on their current class. This should help out the classes that usually feel like they can't compete in olympiad.



Now the maximum amount amount of points earned/loss per match is 10.

Again, similar to higher chronicles, you will be able to purchase Olympiad Jewls that give similar status to Epic Jewls.

We are removing EVERY Hero skill but adding a small compensation.

We are changing ALL hero weapons to match their S grade counterparts, including stats and effects, with a little boost. The visual look of the weapons will remain the same.

As you may have noticed, these are some big changes to how olympiad and heroes will work on the server but we believe this changes are for the best.
The buffs allow extra characters to join olympiad and compete while the changes to heroes tune down their raw power, while still remaining a great achievement. They still get to show off their spark and weapons and also still have acess to huge amount of Nobless Gate Passes.