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New Dragon's awesome Features

Started by ^ShowStopper^, February 10, 2014, 10:56:24 AM

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- During PVP/PK, for each kills you will now be awarded, regardless where you are, with 1 Mark of Eris. This item can be traded at the Island Teleporter for various rewards (and also for "fame" as 1 Mark of Eris = 1 Fame Point)
You can got also :
- Various Scrolls
- Attribute stones
- Attribute Jewels
- Gcm

- Four new exciting tattoos have been added to the available choices: Bloodlust, Roots, Illusionist and Horrors. They noticeably increase the landing rate of specific effects like Bleed/Root/Sleep and Fear but at same time they also make you weak to other effects so plan your choice carefully!
All tattoos that affect Bleed now also affects Poison (in good and bad way)

- Antharas/Valakas/Baium/QueenAnt/Orfen and Core have now a 25% chance to drop for you a "Blessed" version of their jewel offering additional or enhanced properties compared to their standard version!

- using the Weapon/Armor/Etc Orders received and character creation, is now possible to obtain "Frienship" high level S grade equipment (with 90 days lifespan) that can help you massively to get ready and kicking on Dragon.
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