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Started by Alannah, November 29, 2020, 04:25:08 PM

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We would like to announce you upcoming in-game events.

First of all: Planned reboot will occur Monday morning time (6-7am GMT+2). EST Downtime few minutes.

First appearance of Queen Ant: 30th November 2020 22:00 GMT+2 (FIX RESPAWN) - Monday
First appearance of Orfen: 1st December 2020 22:00 GMT+2 (FIX RESPAWN) - Tuesday
First appearance of Core: 1st December 2020 22:30 GMT+2 (FIX RESPAWN) - Tuesday

Note: As we are on stage 1 right now, fix respawn is not really a problem, however for later stages we will introduce random respawn to fixed one.
Example: QA respawn would look something like: from 22:00 to 22:30 GMT+2, within the 30 minute spawn window QA area will turn into battle-zone (PVP). After raid die, area will turn back into non-battle zone. Also no-restart zone is applied to epics, means if you relog and stay logged off for 10 minutes, the character will ported to nearest town.

7-Signs registration period will begin 30th November 2020 19:00 GMT+2 * Choose your side WISELY *
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Adjusted the misleading info, I announced before. No excuses, was my fault!
I hope it didn't do big mess, luckily the raid announce itself once spawns.

I was working from our sheet, so server side set correctly, I got confused at the 2 raids (Orfen, Core).

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Upcoming sieges:

At the seal validation's weekend (Seven Signs), castle sieges will begin. We will pick at least 2 castles / stages.
1 siege will take place at Saturday and obviously 1 will be on Sunday.

More info is coming as we discussed with staff about possiblites. (Stage1, levels, guards)
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