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Tarantula: Reloaded

Started by ^Lewis^, December 11, 2022, 10:12:09 PM

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Before we start, if you are looking for a server that it's not pay to win, well you might as well stop reading here because there is not. Just play the way you have fun because if you are looking for this, maybe you want to get a PVP server where there are more chances for everyone to be equal in the matter of the time you spend playing.

You can easily buy Lineage II Adena for almost every server on our website.

┬┐You know what else is dead?  Dragon Notwork it was born dead, server, good concept bad execution by and sadly Core is following. We are not going to mention as it was such fail is not worth talking about.

In many industries the key to success is about looking forward not looking back, but the case seems to be different for Lineage 2, demonstrated by the player influx in the opening of the Classic Servers in NCWest, more than 10.000 players and its international reach.

You can always google, lineage2 hopzone, topzone, you can find many servers. And many on of them with a "grand opening", so the coming soon phrase will be always up, especially in the summer and winter in Lineage 2. In most cases, you will find a lot of private servers work way harder fighting bots, DDoS, as they have a premium SmartGuard protection, that basically adds custom protection vs third-party software with a lot of updates. Just a word of advice, I think you should look for something being l2off (L2 Official Files, known as "retail-like") or at least a custom l2j (L2 java files) as L2off tend to be more stable, and less bugged servers. Just make sure you register and join a server that is not about to wipe or that is on its last days, check info on their forum. There are also servers with a lot of customs, for example, faction server such as l2ovc that has two sides, you join one and fight in daily quest and daily event, epic raids, pvp.

You can test many in one day to find what you like as most of them require to download the system file only. So, download a client of your choice, system file, register an account, join and test!


What is the point of opening new sever/project when there are empty promises and just talks and nothing is never done or fixed?

How many times TvT event want promised but never implemented?

What is going to be different this time?

Most of the things will be from donation and will be easily achieved.

Why you don't implement old Golkonda when people were fighting for horn like warriors and mages who were bloodthirsty and crazy?

What happened to good old days for loving and caring?

Where is the love for dwarfs and thier classes?

So many questions so little time.

We are all getting old and frustrated with these projects and Dragon Notwork never workout as long term.

I don't know what else to write here.


Many Questions were asked but none answered.

This is already going down the hill. Veryyyyyyyyyy dissapointing.

The server needs to open this weekend because I have time to play and farm like cavalo.

Please listen to players thoughts for freak sake and do something instead of ignoring.

I will call my bro Kabally and win this server <3.

Quote from: Lewis on December 11, 2022, 10:12:09 PMPoll has been set. Let's see if there's interest in this great server we've had.
Full features to be discussed within community, we are open for discussions.


What does Tarantula based on GF/ HF even mean?
Tarantula was Interlude. What are the tarantula features that will transfer to the newer chronicles?

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Better Open C1 and farm Eplies than this freaking joke.

They wont open anything or it will last 2-3 months not even that.

The guy made a topic and poll and not even reading/replying to anything, wasting time for everyone.

Cyka bliat situation caraloh.

Quote from: Clonage on December 16, 2022, 07:23:17 PMWhat does Tarantula based on GF/ HF even mean?
Tarantula was Interlude. What are the tarantula features that will transfer to the newer chronicles?


Tarantula IL go go! Maybe some old peepz will join  ;D
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nobody join becouse of Jatt....


No news Lewis ?
Jesus ...
You start a pool and you don't mention anything else ?
This is not a good start.
Make Golkondas great again Pog 8)
- 5 years of experience in playing as necro
- speaks various languages
- attention to detail
- good managerial skills
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he forgot password from forum account ahahahah


Nobody care for us and he wont reply, it was bait xd